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Campuses are linked to a University-wide network outlining the course requirements and latest information about academic majors available throughout the University. This network includes academic advising specialists available at each campus to help students, as well as a full range of print and electronic resources. The campus office of the Division of Undergraduate Studies can help with your advising and information questions. Staff in the DUS center are officially assigned to any student who is undecided about a major, who changes their mind about a major, or who are pursuing majors with "entrance to major" requirements, or College of Agriculture, and some majors in the College of Engineering. They will help you explore your major options and determine an appropriate academic path. 


The Division of Undergraduate Studies/Advising office provides:

  • Academic Advising
    • Information regarding Penn State majors.
    • Help with course scheduling.
    • Assessment of academic difficulties.
    • Transfer and course substitution information.
    • Faculty Senate Petitioning.
  • Assistance with
    • Change of major.
    • Change of assignment.
    • Distance education.

Advising Office Personnel

Division of Undergraduate Studies
108 Williams Building